The Social and Environmental aspects of Urban Planning


The usages of the space between buildings helps to put the human need for intimacy in the center of our planning, it is a healthy approach for shaping our urban environment. Density is a tool to reinforce a vibrant atmosphere and promote a diverse social interaction. Density is also a more environmentally sustainable way of living. It is cheaper in natural resources, heating, electricity and transportation. After the Second World War the automobile has become the unit that determines the scale applied to our cities, neglecting the public realm. The deconstruction and rearrangement of our new urban areas after the Second World War happened because of new needs from the production apparatus and the freedom of movement we experienced with the automobile. Today’s environmental issues and the depletion of oil are factors that need to be intermingled in our planning process. The oil depletion will force us to change the way we plan our cities. This report is meant for decision makers, politicians and people with the ability to propel the discussion of urban planning into a new context that includes the environment and the usage of our limited resources.

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